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Dr. John Murray
Program Director

SRI International
333 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA, 94025

Phone: +1 (650) 859-5186
Fax: +1 (650) 859-3919

Current Interests and Activities

  • Principal Investigator on innovative human-machine systems studies of global virtual worlds. Coordination of international human-subject experiments across multiple countries and integration of multi-disciplinary data analysis tasks. [$6M/3 years]
  • Initiated new research on international study of inter-cultural human behavior, exploring neurocognitive and physiological identifiers of trust and confidence. [$5M/2 years]
  • Developed winning proposals for $100M+ leadership bids on contract research and development services, integrating speech analysis, artificial intelligence, human cognition models, educational technology, and data mining infrastructure.
  • Introduced institute-wide strategic business thrusts focusing upon integrated, cross-disciplinary research programs in learning and training systems, and encompassing computational modeling approaches to human cognition and neuroscience.
  • Successfully managed pioneering technology assessment projects for training & simulation facilities, human decision support systems, task organization configuration, and robotic vehicle controls, in support of government and private industry clients.
  • Support commercial business development ventures, to expand international corporate research offerings in telecommunications, digital media, aerospace, and other related industries. Represent institutional interests at international industry consortia.
Selected Publications

  • University of Michigan. College of Engineering, Ph.D. 1996.
    Human-Machine Interaction in Complex Networked Environments, Cognitive Ergonomics, Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • University of Michigan. College of Engineering, M.S. 1994.
    Industrial & Operations Engineering, Statistics, Geographic Information Systems, Engineering Psychology, Software Engineering
  • Stanford University. Mechanical Eng. Design Division, M.S. 1988.
    Smart Product Design, Space Systems Engineering, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Design Philosophy, Risk Analysis, Nanotechnology
  • New York University, Graduate School of Education, 1984.
    Media Ecology Program; Culture, Technology & Communications, Computer Science, Interactive Media
  • B.Sc. Dublin Inst of Technology, Ireland. Electrical Eng. 1975.
    Control Systems, Electronics, Electromagnetics, Digital Systems Design, Software Development, Telecommunications Engineering
Professional Activities

PEMSTAR Pacific Consultants, Mountain View CA, Feb 2000 – Jan 2005 Vice-President, New System Ventures
  • Key contributor to growth of company from self-financed engineering design startup to successful acquisition by multi-national contract manufacturing corporation.
  • Initiated international business development initiatives and prepared winning proposals for multi- million dollar contracts in consulting research and engineering services in communications, medical equipment, transportation, defense, and corporate security.
  • Coordinated design of innovative electromagnetic and ultrasound detector systems for implanted biomedical devices, and analysis of implant manufacturing task automation.
  • Successfully managed pioneering R&D projects for advanced wearable computers, navi-gation equipment & ad hoc wireless networks for government and commercial clients.
  • Established holistic information visualization and interactional system design processes, to address early phase design needs of an end-to-end product realization corporation.
Exponent, Menlo Park CA, Aug 1997 – Jan 2000 Managing Research Scientist, Human Performance
  • Implemented rapid prototyping demonstrations, proof-of-concept engineering, and system usability assessments in the design of data/voice communications products.
  • Investigated lapses in computer security, system reliability, and user interaction failures, in support of litigation over fitness for purpose, defective products, etc.
  • Conducted statistical analyses of vehicle transportation data, pertaining to human-machine interactions with mobile wireless communications systems.
  • Researched causes of human errors in supervisory control of nuclear power plants. using text data mining on reports, etc. Applied findings to improve worker education/training.
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI, Sept 1991 – Jun 1997 Engineering Researcher/Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Designed human subject cognitive modeling experiments to study graphical data presentations, using verbal protocol coding & analysis, and statistical data models.
  • Researched and developed innovative models of distributed systems operations, using knowledge- sharing nodes, intelligent agents, and human-machine interaction paradigms.
  • Taught undergraduate & graduate courses in introductory user interactive systems, cognitive ergonomics, and HCI in a team teaching environment.
  • Developed proof-of-concept intelligent decision-aiding expert system handling multi-modal real-time data for transportation management organization. Designed client mobility management system for partnership of human service agencies.
  • Coordinated user-interactive Unix software development, real-time scheduling, and dynamic experiment replanning for Shuttle Science Operations Center at NASA JSC.
Amdahl Corporation, California, Sept 1985 – Aug 1991 Staff Design Engineer
  • Spearheaded development project to implement intelligent decision support tools in high- performance computer operations, using proprietary knowledge engineering tools. Designed and integrated suite of RAS tools for online support of distributed networked installations. Architected and implemented innovative software engineering tools suites for embedded OS and firmware products.
Informatics Incorporated, New York, Oct 1982 – Aug 1985 Information Systems Consultant
  • Senior designer and operating systems development project leader for Fortune-50 computer manufacturer. Designed & implemented innovative system diagnostics software package, user class privilege controls, and system access security features.
International Computers Ltd, Ireland & England, Aug 1975 – Sept 1982 Technical Specialist/Software Designer
  • Engineering lead for national introduction of new high-performance computer systems. Technical training of field staff. I/O controller microcoding, prototype development/ test/debug. Bringup and alpha- test support. Field support reliability analysis. Development of hardware diagnostics tools, scientific data analysis, and financial management applications.

Chartered Engineer

Registrant 524997 of the Engineering Council (UK). Fellow, Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK).

US Patents

6,914,894: Role-based IP multicast addressing in a wireless LAN 6,909,706: Multicast wireless ad hoc packet routing

Stanford University, Mechanical Eng. Design Division

Graduate student design team mentor/adviser – E310, Global Design Enterpreneurship


Managing Partner, Calidris Ventures, Portola Valley CA. Angel investor. US citizenship. Professional, academic, and personal references available.


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