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NIDES Screen Shots

This page presents a collection of screen shots that illustrate the features available through the NIDES administrative interface.  The NIDES administrative interface is written using the MOTIF toolkit to operate under X-Windows.  Access to the various NIDES functions is provided via pulldown menus, point-and-click selections, and occasional text entry.  An extensive multitiered context-sensitive help system is included.  The user interface includes a system monitoring facility that displays information on monitored systems, the status of the audit data archiver, an hourly summary of system throughout, and an hourly summary of alert generation. 

(The snapshots provided below were taken from a Windows NT v4.0
Workstation operating as an X11R5 server to a SunOS NIDES host).

NIDES Main Window 

[View Window: Click Here]

The NIDES Main Window comprises two main areas.   At the top is a pulldown menu bar with seven options: setup, monitor, browse, customize, experiment, quit, and help.  The larger part of the window contains textual information and the NIDES logo.  While you are executing NIDES commands from the menu bar, smaller windows containing messages or asking questions are displayed on the top of the Main Window. 

NIDES Setup Menu  

[View Window: Click Here]

By clicking on the SetUp button on the main window menu, the setup submenu is activated. This submenu has five options available:
  • Analysis:   Starts up and shutdown the NIDES analysis and arpool servers.
  • Archiver:   Allows the administrator to build an archival log of events that can later be analyzed through a Browser interface.
  • Target Hosts:   Used to add and remove host computer systems from the analysis set.
  • Alert Method:   Used to specify the method for alerting personnel of critical events. NIDES supports two methods of alerting: e-mail and PopUP Messages. This configuration option allows the administrator to build a mailing list of the users that should be notified as alerts are generated.
  • Alert Filter:   Used to configure an alert filter that will cause NIDES to suppress real-time alert reporting on specific users by type of alert. Alerts that are filtered out by individuals are not lost, they are still recorded within a NIDES result archive for later analysis.

NIDES Monitor Menu  

[View Window: Click Here]

The Monitor Menu contains options that display system and target host status information. Two options are available under this window. The System Status Window displays the status of the NIDES real-time audit data analysis and intrusion detection functions. The System window provides statistics on the number of events processed and alters received. In addition, the System window identifies the current operating state of the three primary NIDES components that run during real-time analysis:
  • Analysis - includes the statistical, rulebased, and resolver processes.
  • Arpool - (audit record pool) coalesces the event streams from the various host audit generators into a single formatted event stream.
  • Archiver - An optional process that archives audit data collected by arpool.

The Targets option displays status of all the target hosts that provide real-time audit data to NIDES, regardless of whether they are currently providing audit data. For each target host, the window indicates whether the host is currently running an audit generator and whether those records are being forwarded to the audit record pool, total number of records generated, the past hour record volume, total number of alerts for the host, and the past hour alert volume.

NIDES Browse Menu  

[View Window: Click Here]

The Browse Menu contains options that support the retrieval of audit and results data and the review of instance configurations. Audit data browsing involves the retrieval and display interfaces available within NIDES to review the audit data archive. From the Audit Data Browse Window, the administrator can select the archive to review, the target subjects of the review, and the time range under review within the audit log. Once these options are defined, a view option is available to review the relevant records organized under one of eight different viewing formats.

In addition to viewing audit data, the Browse Menu provides options to view the results from the NIDES real-time and experimental intrusion detection analyses. The audit stream used to perform the analysis may be an archive or a real-time audit stream. The subjects who are the target of the analysis are selected along with a time range selection. Using the Analysis Results View Menu the administrator can select the alert viewing option to further specify which records are retrieved based on the analyses performed:

  • StatAlerts - Retrieve only results that were statistical alerts
  • RBAlerts - Retrieve only results that were rulebased alerts
  • AllAlerts - Retrieve all results that contained any alert, either rulebased, statistical, or both.
  • AllResults - Retrieve all results generated, including both alerts and nonalerts (e.g., includes non-alert warnings).

NIDES Customization Menu  

[View Window: Click Here]

The Customization menu contains options that support the customization of the NIDES analysis components for real-time operation and experimental data sets. The Instance Configuration Window, which applies to both live and test instances, allows the NIDES administrator to set the available operating parameters for the statistical analysis, profile management, rulebased analysis, and results filtering.

Configuring the statistics component involves configuring the Measures, Classes, and general analysis parameters for the statistical algorithms. Using the Measures Configuration Window, the administrator can configure measures ON or OFF and adjust the parameters of each measure (Qmax, Scalar, Short-term half-life and Minimum Effective-N). The Classes Configuration Window is used to add and delete members of the eight statistical classes. The Parameters Windows is used to configure general operating parameters for the statistical analysis component, including log-term half-life, training period, threshold settings, and profile cache size.

Rule-set enabling and disabling is configured under the Rulebased Configuration Window. This window contains a list of the names of the available rule-sets and their current configuration status (ON or OFF). If the rule is switched ON, it is used to analyze audit data received by NIDES; otherwise the rule-set is ignored.

The Results Filtering Window shows the current results filter setting. A result is generated for every audit record processed by the NIDES analysis components. Results are categorized into three levels: safe, warning, and critical. The level of a result is assigned by the resolver component-based on the levels assigned by the statistical and rulebased analysis components. A NIDES alert is reported when the resolver determines that a critical-level result should be assigned alert status. The Results Filter Window is used to toggle the filtering status between three possible filter settings:

  1. Critical Results Only - Indicates that results at the critical level will be archived.
  2. Warning Level and Above - Indicates that results at the critical or warning level will be archived.
  3. All Results - Indicates that all results generated will be archived. Since for each audit record processed a result record is generated, each audit record seen will generate a result record in the archive.

NIDES Experiment Menu  

[View Window: Click Here]

The Experiment Menu contains options that allows the administrator to run NIDES analysis experiments using test instances and audit data sets. The SetUp and Exec option initiates NIDES test runs after you specify the test instance and audit data set. The Status and Results option displays the status of all NIDES test runs, both those currently running and those completed.



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